About Me

I'm a writer and editor living in San Antonio, TX. I have an MFA from Texas State University, and my fiction and essays have appeared in Catapult, Motherwell, Narratively, SheKnows, and People magazine, among others. I've co-authored 8 books and edited upwards of 70, some of which you can see on the Books page. I am represented by Hillary Jacobson at ICM Partners, and am currently working on my novel during my daughter's naps.

Reported Essay: How Hundreds of Women Mobilized to Become the Unsung Heroes Behind Hurricane Harvey Rescues

Everywhere I look, I see water. I imagine it swallowing the tangle of brush outside my second-story bedroom windows, eventually rising to lick the glass, to press its way inside. On a walk, I wondered what I would do if I saw it rushing toward me. The mesquite trees, with their flimsy prickly branches, would be no help. If I clung to the telephone poles, would they electrocute me, or was that only if they fell?

Essay: When Cancer Runs in Your Family

As a birthday gift, my mom wanted to take me shopping. I had one leg deep in a black over-the-knee boot when my phone rang. My mom, still smiling, took a fraction of a second longer than I did to realize: This could be the call we'd been waiting on. The results of my biopsy. In April, around the time a lychee-sized cyst grew on my thyroid overnight, I felt a lump in my breast. The cyst was removed first, a silvery needle penetrating the darkness of my throat on an ultrasound screen, and tested for cancer: negative. But the mammogram showed a cluster of microcalcifications appearing like white freckles on the dark image of my left breast.